Student Success and Achievement

The University of the South prepares students in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Theology for a lifetime of success and achievement. Each student pursues an individual journey of academic growth, personal development, and civic and work experiences, culminating in the granting of a degree recognizing his or her academic program. Beyond the degree, the success of the preparation truly will be assessed only over the course of a lifetime. Nevertheless, the University is firmly committed to enrolling students who can flourish and to support them in completing their academic programs as planned.

College of Arts and Sciences

To monitor this commitment, the University sets goals for the first-to-second year retention rate and the six-year graduation rate for undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences. These goals acknowledge that, for some students, adverse personal and other circumstances will intervene, and at the same time express the University's highest aspirations for its students.

First-to-Second Year Retention Chart 2015

First-to-Second Year Graph 2015

Graduation Rate Chart 2015

Graduation Rate Graph 2015

School of Theology

To monitor success and achievement for graduate and professional students in The School of Theology, the University establishes goals for graduation and placement rates. Graduation rate is defined as the percentage of students who finish their degrees within the normal timeframe: one year for the Diploma in Anglican Studies, two years for the Master of Arts, three years for the Master of Divinity, and six years for the Doctor of Ministry and Master of Sacred Theology. Placement rate is the percentage of students who find employment related to their degree within 18 months of graduation. Designed for persons actively engaged in professional ministry, placement rates are not tracked for the Doctor of Ministry and Master of Sacred Theology programs.

SOT Graduation Rate Chart 2015

SOT Graduation Rate Graph 2015

SOT Placement Rate Chart 2015

SOT Placement Rate Graph 2015