The Domain

Located on the western face of the Cumberland Plateau between Nashville and Chattanooga, the campus, residential areas, the village of Sewanee, lakes, forests, and surrounding bluffs comprise a tract of 13,000 acres owned by the University of the South and called the Domain.

This physical environment provides a remarkable academic and recreational resource, and an unparalleled place in which to study and reflect. As a student, no matter where your interests lie, the Domain has an unparalleled experience to offer:

Explore the Domain however you choose. The Sewanee Outing Program offers hundreds of guided trips to hike, bike, cave and climb all over the Domain. For the solo explorer there are over 50 miles of trails and 13,000 options for exploration.

Experience how society and ecology meet by getting your hands dirty on the University Farm, by volunteering in the forest with Domain Management and by getting involved with Sustain Sewanee.

Investigate the natural world with one of the many academic programs focused on the natural world and rooted on the Domain.